In the August edition, World Energy Focus explores energy in the cities of the future. With cities currently accounting for more than 70% of global energy-related GHG emissions and urban population forecasted to reach 66% of the global population by 2050, new low carbon model cities from around the world will play a crucial part in securing a sustainable energy future.

Looking at another game changing area, our Innovation Feature is on Transport, diving into the new hype around electric vehicles (EVs). Recent announcements, from car manufacturers to governments, demonstrate that EVs are no more the expensive badge of an eco-warrior, but what will this mean for the energy sector?

Reacting to this new environment, the interview with Lorenzo Simonelli, CEO of Baker Hughes, a GE Company, shows how the a fullstream oil and gas company is adapting to the industry’s leaner environment, focusing on innovation, including new technology and data analytics.

This 36th edition also brings a roundup of news and innovation stories from around the world impacting the energy sector. Learn more about record-breaking clean energy investment overtaking fossil fuel spending and pushing electricity sector capex to top levels in the latest 2017 World Energy Investment report. Conversely, Wood Mackenzie consultancy reports that oil and gas industry is seeing more Final Investments Decisions made, aiming to short term payback projects.
Read more about new nuclear in India and China; Solar tenders to award 9.6 GW in 2017 third quarter; how Tanzania receives geothermal funding and South Korea is planning to boost renewables in its energy mix.

Finally, see the guide to forthcoming World Energy Council events, including the World Energy Leader’s Summit and other events in Mexico, as well as October’s Executive Assembly in Lisbon.

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