We are delighted to bring you the November edition of the World Energy Focus, the monthly e-magazine of the World Energy Council.

In this month’s feature, uncover an exclusive preview of the key findings of the World Energy Trilemma 2017 and its Energy Trilemma Index. How is decentralisation impacting the energy transition and distributed energy resources playing a key role to meet the ‘energy trilemma’ challenge? Improved efficiency, falling technology costs, better energy storage and a new active prosumer will radically change the way we deal with energy and challenge governments in managing market actors and resources!

Our Regional focus article highlights how North Sea countries need to team up to maintain a good energy sustainability balance and their leading position in the Energy Trilemma Index. Facing together the challenge of a declining oil and gas production, market actors and countries from the North sea region, such as Norway, the UK and the Netherlands, could be spending up to €600bn to decommission their infrastructure and repurpose it into seaweed or wind farms. This is t the scale of the “North Sea Opportunity” to be leveraged in a collaborative way.

Roberto Jaguaribe, President of APEX, Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, is being interviewed to explain its country’s approach to kickstart financing again from bonds, private equity and NGOs towards thousands of renewables’ infrastructures. He argues that with “450 of the top Fortune 500 companies in Brazil”, investors know it is a risky environment but that the potential for success is real.

The 39th edition also brings a roundup of news and innovation stories from around the world impacting the energy sector. Learn more from new reports by IEA and IRENA about how technology and new business models are boosting electricity access and continuous falling production costs for solar energy over the next decade; South Korea’s nuclear strategy; Lebanon reaching a milestone with first offshore gas bidding and more.

Finally, see the guide to forthcoming World Energy Council events around the world, especially our activities during COP23 in Bonn next week.
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